Creating a test report

Once a model has finished training, you can create a test report in order to evaluate the performance of the model on a dataset dedicated to test purposes. Navigate to the details page of the model you wish to test. Ensure that the model has indeed finished training and that the Test reports section is visible.

Click on the Create test report link to open the modal where you can choose the dataset that you wish to create the test report for. After having chosen a dataset, click on the Yes button to initate the generation of the test report.

Generating the test report may take between a couple of minutes and a few hours depending on the size of your test dataset. The process runs in the background so you can safely leave your browser and return back after a while to check whether the test report generation has finished.

Once the test report has completed, you can open it up and you will be able to see a range of evaluation data and metrics generated by the model. The type of evaluation data and metrics depends entirely on the model type. To learn more about what type of content you can expect in the test report, please read the instructions of the model type.

In the example of the Image Classification model type, one of the pieces of evaluation data that is being generated as part of the test report is a Facets Dive presentation of the data and the model's predictions on the individual samples. See the example below.

Each test report is unique for the model used for testing and the dataset chosen for the test. If the test dataset you have selected is truly representative of the true population and has not been included in the training of the model, you can use the test report to get a valid understanding of the model's performance. This is an important of validating the model before deploying it in production.

To learn how to interpret the test report, please refer to the model type's instructions. If you need additional help to understand the results, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. Our email address is: [email protected]

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