Managing datasets using third-party tools

If you need to manage your datasets in a more advanced fashion than what our web interface allows, you can do so by using a third-party tool such as CloudBerry Explorer, CrossFTP or Cyberduck. In fact, you can use any web or desktop client compatible with either Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3-compatible services. Criterion AI uses Google Cloud Storage (GCS) to store your datasets securely and GCS exposes both its own interface as well as an Amazon S3-compatible interface for interacting with data stored in GCS using third-party clients.

That means that you can use any client your prefer as long as that clients supports one of those two interfaces.

In order to access your datasets with one such client, you must have a set of credentials for a service account with permissions to your datasets. In order to obtain these credentials, please submit a request to our support team by sending an email to: [email protected]

In your request, you must provide the email address of your account in Criterion AI. After submitting the request, our support team will go through a series of steps to verify your identity before issuing the set of credentials you need.

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