Reorganizing images

After having created a dataset and uploaded some data (e.g., a series of images), you can reorganize the images between either existing or new folders in the dataset. Navigate to a dataset containing images you want to reorganize. In the Objects section of the page, open a folder containing the images that need reorganizing. In the example below, we have opened the folder named good in the root of the dataset. It contains a series of BMP files. Click on the Reorganize files link in the top right corner of the Objects section to open the reorganization tool.

The reorganization tool (also known as the annotation tool) displays one image at a time from the folder you had opened before launching the tool (in this case, the folder named good). You can zoom in and out and move the image across the canvas to get a closer look on it. You can move the image to one of the existing folders in the dataset by choosing one of the folders listed to the right. You can choose a folder either by clicking on it or by hitting the key on your keyboard associated with the folder (in this case, 0 for the folder named failed_cap, 1 for the folder named good and 2 for the folder named missing_cap). After having chosen a folder, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to confirm the move of the image.

You can also create a new folder for the image. Do so by choosing a name for the new folder, enter it into the Name of new folder input field and click on Create. See the screenshot below.

You can also create new subfolders in existing folders by appending the name of the new subfolder prefixed with a forward slash to the name of the existing parent folder. For example, if you wish to create a new subfolder called dent inside of the failed_cap folder, you can do so by entering the full name failed_cap/dent in the Name of new folder input field and clicking on Create. See the screenshot below.

You can move through images by using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. The order of the images is random for every time you navigate into a folder and open the reorganization tool. Once you close the tool after having reorganized one or more images, the folder will automatically update to show you its new contents.

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