Visualizing datasets with Facets Dive

if your dataset consists of images organized in folders, you can explore your dataset with the very powerful visualization tool called Facets Dive. Facets Dive is built by Google's People + AI Research Initiative and it is very useful for learning more about the distribution of your data in your dataset before creating and training models on it.

In order to make use of Facets Dive, your files must be organized as described in the modal in the screenshot below.

If your dataset follows this structure, you can ahead and initiate the creation of the required files for Facets Dive to work. As it can take a little while to create these files, the process runs as a background job, which does not require you to have your browser open while the processing is going on. Click on the Initiate generation of Facets Dive files button and check back after a little while to see if the files have been created successfully.

Once the Facets Dive files have been created, you can open up Facets Dive to explore your data by clicking the Open Facets Dive button.

A new modal will open showing the Facets Dive tool.

You can learn more about how to efficiently use Facets Dive on the project page for Facets Dive published by Google's People + AI Research Initiative.

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